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Category:Crossed Roller Bearing
Brand: EOE bearing  
Release time:2018-07-19
The main parameters
new model 100TPS143 old model 100TPS143
Unit mm Inside diameter 0 mm
Hight 0 mm Outside diameter 0 mm
Dimension Precision grade P0 P6  P5  P4   ABEC-1    
Uses/application Material
Heat treatment Martensite Bainite Origin USA/America
Payment terms  T/T  Delivery time
100TPS143 Bearing Details

100TPS143 Bearing Size - mm/inch, Weight - kg

53414FP  354RYS200250TPS120 
53416FP  365RXS192250TPS121 
53418FP  378RXS1965A50TPS122 
536123A   378RYSl196350TPS123 
536125A  409RXS204560TPS124 
536906C  421RXS208960TPS125 
537116C  422RXS208660TPS126 
537117B  422RXS208760TPS127 
538238TVP  431RXS208870TPS129 
538244TVP  432RYS210370TPS130 
538367D  445RXS212370TPS131 
538431TVP   465RXS214170TPS132 
539405.A1650.1700.W209D  487RXS224580TPS134 
540466B  518RXS237180TPS135 
540484A  525RXS230380TPS136 
540626AA.J30NF  540RXS234590TPS139 
540733BA  558RXS242290TPS140 
540733CA  568RXS2443100TPS143 
540805A  560RXS2364100TPS144 
541019.S3  569RXS2461100TPS145 
541332A.K158X4 *4  587RXS2522120TPS151 

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Crossed Roller Bearing Details
Crossed roller bearings are bearings for precision applications that correspond in their dimensions to ISO dimension series 18 in accordance with DIN 616. They comprise outer rings, inner rings, rolling elements and plastic spacers. The outer ring is split and is held together by three retaining rings.
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