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Category:Printing Machine Bearing
Brand: EOE bearing  
Release time:2018-07-19
The main parameters
new model 180TP170 old model 180TP170
Unit mm Inside diameter 0 mm
Hight 0 mm Outside diameter 0 mm
Dimension Precision grade P0 P6  P5  P4   ABEC-1    
Uses/application Material
Heat treatment Martensite Bainite Origin USA/America
Payment terms  T/T  Delivery time
180TP170 Bearing Details

180TP170 Bearing Size - mm/inch, Weight - kg

527502C.K158X7 *7  460RX2371120TP152 
528322.A800.850  480RX2303B120TP153 
528546C  500RX2345A140TP158 
528548B  500RX2422140TP159 
528983B  500RX2443140TP160 
529084D  510RX2364160TP164 
529257A  510RX2461160TP165 
529469.N12BA *2  530RX2522160TP166 
529908A  550RX2484180TP168 
530719M  300ARYS2002180TP169 
530719M.H50B   330ARXS1922180TP170 
531068A  340ARXS1965A200TP171 
531296A  340ARYSl1963200TP172 
531296C  370ARXS2045200TP173 
531341A.W209D  380ARXS2089220TP174 
532066DB  380ARXS2086A220TP175 
532116B.W209D  380ARXS2087220TP176 
532117B.W209D  390ARXS2088240TP177 
53230MP  390ARYS2103240TP178 
53232MP  400ARXS2123240TP179 
53234MP  431ARXS214120TPS103 

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Printing Machine Bearing Details
A printing machine in turn features three to four ink zones according to the number of colors. As the housing lid squarely holds the axle stub in a standard sensor without bearing, it rubs on the lid under stress and chafes the material.
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