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Category:Spherical Plain Bearing
Brand: EOE bearing  
Release time:2018-07-19
The main parameters
new model 527502C.K158X7 old model 527502C.K158X7
Unit mm Inside diameter 0 mm
Hight 0 mm Outside diameter 0 mm
Dimension Precision grade P0 P6  P5  P4   ABEC-1    
Uses/application Material
Heat treatment Martensite Bainite Origin USA/America
Payment terms  T/T  Delivery time
527502C.K158X7 Bearing Details

527502C.K158X7 Bearing Size - mm/inch, Weight - kg

524903.A200.300   340RX1965A70TP131 
525271.M15FC.N12BC *2  340RYl196370TP132 
526072A  526072A.H97  370RX204580TP134 
526411A.E14F  380RX208980TP135 
526434A  380RX2086A80TP136 
526804A  380RX208790TP139 
527175C.H42CX  390RX208890TP140 
527243BE  390RY2103100TP143 
527248LB.R450.500   400RX2123100TP144 
527502C  431RX2141100TP145 
527502C.K158X6 *6  440RX2245120TP151 
527502C.K158X7 *7  460RX2371120TP152 
528322.A800.850  480RX2303B120TP153 
528546C  500RX2345A140TP158 
528548B  500RX2422140TP159 
528983B  500RX2443140TP160 
529084D  510RX2364160TP164 
529257A  510RX2461160TP165 
529469.N12BA *2  530RX2522160TP166 
529908A  550RX2484180TP168 
530719M  300ARYS2002180TP169 

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Spherical Plain Bearing Details
Spherical plain bearings, rod ends and bushings are produced in various designs and with different sliding contact surface combinations. Each design and combination has characteristic properties which makes it particularly suitable for certain applications.
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