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Category:Cam Follower Bearing
Brand: EOE bearing  
Release time:2018-07-19
The main parameters
new model 550ARXS2484 old model 550ARXS2484
Unit mm Inside diameter 0 mm
Hight 0 mm Outside diameter 0 mm
Dimension Precision grade P0 P6  P5  P4   ABEC-1    
Uses/application Material
Heat treatment Martensite Bainite Origin USA/America
Payment terms  T/T  Delivery time
550ARXS2484 Bearing Details

550ARXS2484 Bearing Size - mm/inch, Weight - kg

532116B.W209D  380ARXS2087220TP176 
532117B.W209D  390ARXS2088240TP177 
53230MP  390ARYS2103240TP178 
53232MP  400ARXS2123240TP179 
53234MP  431ARXS214120TPS103 
53236MP  440ARXS224520TPS104 
53238MP  460ARXS237130TPS106 
532488A  480ARXS2303B30TPS107 
532527B  500ARXS2345A30TPS108 
533134D  500ARXS242235TPS113 
533134E  500ARXS244340TPS114 
53322MP  510ARXS236440TPS115 
53324MP  510ARXS246140TPS116 
53330MP  530ARXS252240TPS117 
53412MP   550ARXS248450TPS119 
53414FP  354RYS200250TPS120 
53416FP  365RXS192250TPS121 
53418FP  378RXS1965A50TPS122 
536123A   378RYSl196350TPS123 
536125A  409RXS204560TPS124 
536906C  421RXS208960TPS125 

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Cam Follower Bearing Details

A cam follower roller bearing is a specialty roller bearing designed to follow tracks or cams and in a wide range of linear motion systems. Cam followers are often used on conveyors, process transfer lines, such as those used int industries such as food and beverage, plastics, glass and among others.


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