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Category:Clutch Bearing
Brand: EOE bearing  
Release time:2018-07-19
The main parameters
new model 672RXS2744 old model 672RXS2744
Unit mm Inside diameter 0 mm
Hight 0 mm Outside diameter 0 mm
Dimension Precision grade P0 P6  P5  P4   ABEC-1    
Uses/application Material
Heat treatment Martensite Bainite Origin USA/America
Payment terms  T/T  Delivery time
672RXS2744 Bearing Details

672RXS2744 Bearing Size - mm/inch, Weight - kg

565597MP  730ARXS3064309TVL707 
565665K.C5.W209B  730ARXS3064310TVL625 
565666K.C5.W209B  750ARXS3005317TVL307 
565667K.C5.W209B  760ARXS3166402TVL717 
565668K.C5.W209B   761ARXS3166B410TVL718 
565688K.C5.W209B  761ARXS3166420TVL721 
566170K.C5.W209B  770ARXS3151530TVL719 
566487K.C5.W209B  780ARXS3141540TVL720 
566488K.C5.W209B  625RXS264450TVB190 
566616B  636RXS262252TVB253 
566719B  660RXS264355TVB245 
566997C  660RXS264357TVB248 
567309B  672RXS274460TVB252 
567402A *5  704RXS280362TVB291 
567447B  723RXS284165TVB293 
567455A.K158X7 *7  768RXS296567TVB296  
567498K.C5.W209B   766RXS296670TVB298 
568195B  763RXS286275TVB343 
568335CA  774RXS296475TVB344 
568995A  796RXS313180TVB346 
572506E  788RXS300680TVB347 

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